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Craft Perfect Text

Harness AI to generate compelling text content, be it for blogs, books, or SEO-friendly descriptions.

Visualize Your Ideas

Tap into the power of AI to generate unique and eye-catching visuals for your projects or social media posts.

Bring Words to Life

Transform written text into natural-sounding speech with our advanced Text-to-Speech AI technology.

Code Made Easy

Utilize our AI-powered tools to generate code snippets, accelerate development, and simplify complex tasks.

Writener is a cutting-edge platform that transforms the content creation process, utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology. It brings a fresh perspective to diverse domains such as blog writing, KDP Non-Fiction Books, marketing, SEO optimization, novel writing, and more. Featuring a range of innovative tools, Writener streamlines and enhances the entire content creation journey, assisting with everything from generating ideas to crafting polished, engaging text. Furthermore, it leverages the power of Semantic Programming, the most advanced form of prompt engineering currently available.

After the free trial, users can choose to use the pay-as-you-go service or subscribe to a paid plan. This can be done by clicking on “upgrade” on the dashboard or by selecting “Subscription Plans” in the user menu. Here, you’ll also find the option to top up your credit by choosing “Prepaid Plans”. The credits purchased with the top-up are retained until fully consumed and do not expire. Conversely, the credits obtained through the subscription expire at the end of each month and are not cumulative. Unused credits are cancelled at the end of the month, but users receive a full refill corresponding to their subscribed plan. The two options are not mutually exclusive and can be used in combination.

In any case, both subscription plans and prepaid plans give access to four types of credits:

– “Words“: These are the words produced by the AI, not the ones written by the user. Words produced by Builders, Templates, Chattener, Experts, and Codener are counted.

– “Images“: These are the images produced within Imagener.

– “Characters“: The text that is inserted into Synth Voices and converted into audio is counted in characters, not words.

– “Minutes“: On the other hand, audio files that are transcribed and converted into text by Transcriber (Speech-to-Text) are counted according to their duration in minutes.

Upon sign-up, you will receive 2,000 words for free. Then, you can opt for one of three subscription plans:

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   All plans grant access to all platform services, including the free plan. There are also prepaid plans available.

Yes. To participate in the referral program, simply sign up for the platform, even without making a purchase. From the dashboard, you can access the affiliate program with all the instructions. Writener offers a 20% commission on all recurring (monthly) purchases made by your referrals.

   Simply click on “Start for Free” and sign up for free to receive the first 2,000 words for free. No credit card is required for registration.

Yes, of course, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

   Writener provides complex sequence templates for specific projects. In particular, in addition to hundreds of other templates for daily use, the following Builders are currently available:

Blog Builder and Blog Writer: two complex sequences of templates to use for the conception, creation, and maintenance of a blogging project, including also prompt generators for the images of your articles.

Novel Builder: the sequence of templates that we are most proud of, a jewel of semantic programming capable of guiding you in the conception and design of your novel. A bomb, try it now!

Non-Fiction Book Builder: an extraordinary sequence of templates that guide you in competitor analysis and the strategic design of your non-fiction book. Aimed at self-publishers working on Amazon KDP.

YouTube Builder: a sequence of templates specifically designed for the construction, conception, and maintenance of a YouTube channel.

But these are just the Builders, i.e., the sequences of templates we are most proud of: in addition to these specific sequences for carrying out complex tasks, Writener offers you dozens of other templates to carry out any creative task. In total we have over 160 templates and we are sure to add more.

Writener uses Stability.ai for its images creation service: Imagener. This service requires certain parameters for image production, and Writener provides intuitive image generation prompt generators to help you with prompts and set these parameters. You will find the image creation process very straightforward and intuitive, enabling you to obtain beautiful images for your projects.

Experts on Writener offers specialized chatbot consultants designed with Semantic Programming. These chatbots provide consultations in specific areas and can be used alongside templates to facilitate your projects. Currently, we have over 50 chatbots, designed to be used in conjunction with templates. For instance, if you are writing a novel, while using our “Novel Builder” you might need the advice of our “Storyteller”, “Novelist”, “Poet”, “Philosopher”, or even the “Writing Tutor”. We have chatbots specialized in consulting in specific areas for all needs, from the “Painter” to the “Chinese Chef”, passing through the “Marketing Designer” to the “SEO Specialist”.
You can now build your own customized Expert Chatbot on Writener!

Synth Voices, also known as “Text-To-Speech” (TTS), is a feature that allows an artificial voice to read the text provided by the user. We offer the best “neural” voices in almost all languages and dialects worldwide. Synth Voices can be used for various purposes, including creating voiceovers for YouTube videos and reading articles on blogs. It consumes “characters” from your credit. Starting 2024, you can now INSTANTLY CLONE YOUR OWN VOICE on Writener!

Writener supports 52 languages from all around the globe, making its advanced AI-driven content generation accessible to users from different linguistic backgrounds. Whether you’re writing in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, or any other major language – including Asian and Eastern European languages like Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Khmer, Arabic, Croatian or Japanese – Writener has you covered.

Absolutely. The AI algorithms underpinning Writener are designed to generate original, unique content. This means users can confidently publish their work without fear of plagiarism. Nonetheless, we always recommend reviewing and editing the generated content to inject your personal touch and ensure its accuracy and authenticity. Pro Plan now includes Plagiarism Checker!

Writener currently accepts payments via PayPal and Stripe. Hence, it is possible to use all the most common credit and debit cards, like Visa, Mastercard and so on.

  Yes, upon registration, users receive 2,000 words for free. 2,000 words can produce around 10/12 pages in Word with a font size of 12.

Yes, of course. You can chat with the support team within the platform’s Help Desk. If they’re offline, you can open a ticket or explore the knowledge base.

While there’s no dedicated app yet, Writener is mobile-friendly. Stay tuned.

   Templates, the heart of Writener, are unique designs made with Semantic Programming, offering advanced tools for content creation. They can be run in sequences, generating a surprising amount of strategic information to boost your creative activity. Please see them in action here.

Codener generates programming code based on your provided instructions. You can choose the supported languages from the list available on the interface, which currently are: Go, Html, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell, Swift, Typescript. You may find our programming-savvy chatbot consultants particularly useful for exploring other programming languages and possibilities.

Yes, you can add team members to Writener if you subscribe to a plan that includes this feature. You can invite new members, assign roles and permissions, and work collaboratively on projects. This function is available starting from the Entry plan upwards. It is not available when using prepaid plans on free plan.

When using Writener, the user retains ownership of the generated content. While Writener provides the tools and support to create high-quality content, all intellectual property rights remain with the individual or organization that uses the platform.

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Blog Builder
A sequence of templates designed to build your SEO-friendly, traffic-driving blog site from scratch.
Novel Builder
A sequence of templates crafted to construct your immersive, character-rich novel from the ground up.
Book Builder
A chain of templates designed to compose your compelling non-fiction book from beginning to end.
Youtube Builder
A chain of templates crafted for creating engaging, SEO-optimized YouTube content from scratch.

Blog Builder

Novel Builder

Book Builder

YouTube Builder